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SQLDoc Sharp, an interactive tool designed to generate the SQL Server 2005/2008 documentation.
It supports, export of documentation to CHM format.
If you want to export the generated documentation to Excel, Pdf or XML then look at

How to use the product
Only, three steps required to generate the documentation.

Step # 1
In the top section provide the details about the SQL Server. It includes
a) Source: Instance Name of the SQL Server 2005/2008
b) If want to connect with SQL authentication then,
a. User Name: Name of the user whose credentials, you want to use.
b. Password: password of the user whose credentials, you want to use.
c) In case, to connect with Windows authentication then,
a. Only check the checkbox (Integrated Security) and you current windows credentials would be used to connect with the specified SQL Server Instance.

Step # 2
Choose the database name from the Database dropdown list, whose documentation you want to generate and then click on the Fetch button.
Meanwhile you can choose/change the File Name of the CHM file which would be generated. And also if required, then you choose to export the metadata/documentation in the XML format also.

Step # 3
Click on the Generate button. And locate the CHM file at the path specified.

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